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Choosing the Right Built in Hob | New Matic

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

For a long time, the only thing you needed to know or ask when choosing a built-in hob for your newly designed kitchen was if it was Gas or Electric. Today, you can choose between gas, gas on glass, electric, ceramic, radiant and induction, and colours and finishes such as black glass and satin steel.

Built-in Hob, Oven, and Chimney Hood

 Newmatic 70cm PM704I Built-in Induction Cooker Hob
70cm Newmatic Induction Cooker

Induction Hobs

For the latest cooking technology, induction hobs give you the best of all worktop cooking. They are very energy efficient and quickly controllable, and because they have less direct heat, they are easier to keep clean. Induction Hobs use a magnetic field to generate heat instantly; the cooking zone only becomes energized when a suitable pan is placed on the cooktop. Only the cooking area becomes warm, leaving the rest of the top much cooler than standard ceramic, which will undoubtedly help to keep spills from baking on the glass cooktop. Choose from fixed-size pan zones or go for the vari-zone hobs where the areas only energies to the size of the fixed-size pan placed on top of the cooktop - energy saving at its best.

Classic Gas Hobs

Gas hobs come in various sizes from 60cm hobs, 70cm, & 90cm hobs through to 110cm. Cooking with gas gives you fast and controllable heat. Gas burners come in a range of small, medium and large sizes and usually have 4 or 5 burners, along with options such as Fish Kettles and Wok burners so powerful your favourite stir-fry will be cooked in minutes. The power output can vary from 0.85kW to an impressive 4kW for wok burners. Most gas hobs come with a Stainless or Satin Steel finish and the familiar black and white single piece of vitreous enamel.

Recessed Gas Hobs

For the latest designer look kitchens, choose a recessed gas cooktop, which can be flush mounted for that sleek, clean, in-line linear look or Inset style dropped into your granite worktop. Cast iron pan supports are all in line and linear, making moving pans across the hob cooktop very easy. The hob recess is built to contain food spillages; remove the pan supports and wipe clean.

Gas On Glass Hobs

The stunningly elegant tempered Black Glass surface with a one-piece, easy clean cooktop affords gas on glass hobs a contemporary design and controllable gas power with functionality such as rotary controls or the latest in digital and sensor touch controls for that total sleek & sophisticated look. The cast iron pan supports are available either individually or in grid form. All burners have flame-safe technology for extra safety.

Electric Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic hobs have a smooth ceramic one-piece cooktop, usually in black, but white ceramic is also available. The sleek, smooth appearance makes for easy cleaning of spillages; all that is needed to clean is a quick wipeover. Choose between a metal trim or a sleek, frameless design. Controls can be rotary or the latest advanced digital controls for that ultra-sleek look with fingertip touch control.

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