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1. Where does Newmatic originates from?

Newmatic originates from Singapore, a powerhouse in the design and development of high end home appliances. Newmatic products are designed and tested in Singapore, assembled in China in order to delivery the best products and value to consumers. Please visit our Facebook for more info & updates.

2. What is the warranty policy on Newmatic products?

General warranty 12 months from date of delivery

Refrigerator compressor 3 years

Cooker hood motor (H series) 5 years

Gas hob tempered glass (PM series) lifetime

3. What is the cost of delivery & installation of Newmatic products?

The price includes evaluation, delivery, installation & warranty, there is no hidden or addition cost. There may be a small surcharge outside of Nairobi.

4. Are spare parts available readily?

Newmatic Africa Limited is a subsidiary of the parent company so we have direct access to spare parts and we keep substantial quantities of parts in Nairobi at any time. We are committed to providing spare parts to your product without fail within 7 years of purchase.

5. What is the lead time for booking a service appointment?

Within Nairobi, it is usually the next working day. To book a service call

During office hours, please telephone 0711477711


After office hours, please submit a form here.




1. Can a cooker hood be operated without connecting a duct?


Answer : Newmatic hoods are are designed to operate in both vented & recirculating (ductless) modes.


In the vented mode, cooking fumes are vented outside the home & fresh air enters the kitchen in replacement. In this mode the hood functions to 100% effectiveness in keeping your kitchen fresh. It is strongly recommended wherever possible.


In the recirculating mode (ductless), cooking fumes are filtered first by the alumnium filters to remove grease & then by the charcoal filters to remove odour, the filtered air re-enters the kitchen. In the recirculating mode the hood is not functioning at full effectiveness so it is recommended only when the vented mode is not feasible.


2. How does one clean & maintain a cooker hood?


Answer : Always disconnect the electricity from the hood before cleaning or maintenance by disengaging the plug from the socket for safety. The metal edges on the hood can be very sharp so always work with a slow & deliberate action to avoid cut injuries.


The alumnium filters are washable and this can be done easily putting it is the dishwasher with other items to be washed. Alternative manual washing can be done by spraying on a kitchen degreaser followed by light brushing and a rinse. We recommend washing the grease filters once a month to avoid a build up of residual grease that can impeded airflow and is also a fire hazard.


The charcoal filter (only for recirculating hood) cannot be washed and should be changed, typically 6 monthly for optimal performance.

The attractive stainless steel hairline finish can be quite delicate and may be irreparably damaged by strong chemicals, abrasives or scouring pads that should be strictly avoided. Cleaning should be done with a soft sponge and warm dishwashing detergent.

3. What is the correct distance between a cooker hood & the cook top?

To achieve a balance of safety and effectiveness, the hood should be located 65-75cm above the kitchen cook top (for model H86.9, it should be 40-50cm).


1. What is a Flame Failure Device (FFD)?

It is a safety device that prevents gas leak by terminating the gas supply when the flame is accidentally extinguished. The FFD does this by continually monitoring the heat from the flame or a lack of it. 

High end hobs are equipped with this safety device and to operate it, you will need to keep the knob depressed for up to 4 seconds after ignition to warm up the FFD.

2. What does the Lifetime Warranty on Tempered Glass covers?

This is an unconditional, non-expiry factory warranty that covers the door to door replacement of the tempered glass cook top of high end Newmatic hobs in case of breakage, regardless of the cause.



1. Where can I buy dishwasher detergent in Nairobi?

Astonish brand dishwasher detergent in available in Carrefour stores in Nairobi.


1. What is the setting on the F4300S refrigerator for the soft freezer to function correctly?

In Nairobi, due to the mild climate, the thermostat should set at 1 for winter, 2-3 for summer.

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