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Why You Need a Chimney Hood (Part 3: Kitchen Design)

Previously in our ongoing series on chimney hood benefits, we have discussed their crucial roles in safeguarding our health and enhancing our quality of life by banishing unpleasant cooking odours. Let's now dive into how these wonderful kitchen products can also elevate your kitchen's design. 

What is a chimney hood?

In case you haven’t read our previous articles, let’s recap what a chimney hood is and what it does. A chimney hood, also commonly known as a range hood, cooker hood or kitchen extractor, is a kitchen appliance installed directly above a cooktop in the kitchen. It primarily extracts and filters out airborne pollutants generated while cooking. Such smoke, grease and other odours can not only be unpleasant, but also affect our health if inhaled in large amounts. Within its chassis, every chimney hood is typically equipped with a set of illumination lamps, control panel, filter(s), butterfly valve, air chamber and electric components which allow the device to function. When the hood is switched on, contaminated air is extracted by the blower and sent through the filters before going through the air chamber and butterfly valve. 

As previously stated, a chimney hood should run in ducted mode, which allows contaminated air to be sent outside the home through a duct installed in the walls. However, if the appliance is running on recirculating mode, the partially cleaned air will recirculate back into the kitchen. In this mode, a dip in performance is to be expected. For more information on this, please read our article on operating your chimney hood in ducted vs. recirculating mode

Make an architectural statement

However, chimney hoods are not just useful kitchen appliances, but a bold architectural statement to any enterprising interior designer. The sleek designs and commanding presence of a chimney hood immediately draw the eye and can add depth to any space. If you want your kitchen to look like a modern masterpiece from Europe, a chimney hood is definitely a must. 

  • Minimalist Look. As more and more people seek practicality, simplicity and affordability, minimalist kitchens have surged in popularity over the recent years. Those looking for a minimalist look are highly recommended to look at any of our slim chimney hoods, which are installed into your kitchen cabinets and nearly invisible.  

  • Sophisticated Look. Other than its high-quality craftsmanship, German kitchens are also renowned for their clean, yet quietly sophisticated look. Our T-shaped hoods like the H64.9S and the smaller H64.6S are perfect for this purpose. 

  • Modern Look. Looking for something that will really impress the guests? Then our uniquely patented curved chimney hoods such as the H77 series or our vertical H86.9SB might just be for you. 

  • Luxury Look. Flaunt your kitchen with the best Newmatic has to offer with our impressive and unique line of island chimney hoods. 

Set the right ambience

Love organising dinner parties and entertaining guests at home? Getting a chimney hood will give you more opportunities to tweak your kitchen's ambience to your liking. For example, our higher-end H98.9M has adjustable mood lighting, which is sure to impress any visitors and add a little zest to your home. However, more cost-effective options are also available, such as our extensive range of splashbacks, which fit any 60cm or 90cm Newmatic chimney hood. 

Why choose a Newmatic chimney hood?

  • Range. With 15 models to choose from, Newmatic has the largest range of chimney hoods in East Africa. 

  • Stylish. Choose between 5 fashionable designs, including our patented curved chimney hoods. 

  • Powerful. Expel unpleasant smoke, grease and odours from your kitchen in record time with our twin propellers, which generate up to 760m3 of airflow.  

  • Durable. Our chassis is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel or tempered glass backed by our unconditional lifetime factory warranty. Our propellers and valves are also fully made of food-grade 304 stainless steel.

  • Service. We offer free delivery, installation and coring services to customers to selected areas. For more information, please visit our Delivery & Installation page or contact our Customer Service Hotline at +254 0719 332 838. 

  • Warranty. All Newmatic chimney hoods intended for regular retail sale are backed with a 1-year general warranty and 5-year motor warranty. For more information, please visit our Warranty & Return Policy page or contact our Customer Service Hotline. 

Ready to get your Newmatic chimney hood? Click here to return to our product page. 

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