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Reasons Why You Must Consider Making the Switch to an Induction Cooker

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Energy Efficient Induction Cookers/Induction Cooktop

  • Energy-efficient: Induction cooking is more efficient as energy is directed into the pan itself, while on gas cookers, a lot of the flame heats around the pan rather than on your cookware's bottom.

  • Temperature control: An induction cooker controls the temperature compared to gas or electric cookers. This reduces the risk of over or under-cooking meals.

  • Quicker cooking: No other cooking technology is faster than the induction elements. An induction cooker produces more power on output than a traditional hob as induction technology uses magnetic currents to directly heat your cookware, meaning meals get to your table faster.

  • Better ventilation: Induction cooking provides a more relaxed environment in the kitchen, as the surface only heats up when a pot or pan is applied.

  • Safety: The induction cooker is much safer than gas cookers since there is no flame to ignite any fumes or cause burns. Induction heats your cookware directly so the surface will not get hot until the right cookware is placed in the cooking zone. It also has a child lock button that ensures the children's safety in the kitchen.

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