• Dave Choy

Newmatic Handcrafted Sinks - New!

This month, we are proud to launch 3 models of Handcrafted Kitchen Sinks.

Constructed with 1.2mm pure 304 stainless steel to a depth of 23cm, handcrafted sinks are beautiful & heavy duty, giving you the power of a professional kitchen in your home.

As with all high quality Newmatic sinks, they are equipped with oversized drainers & strainers. Custom accssories like colanders & drainboards turn the sinks into efficient workstations.

Experience it at any of our showrooms in Nairobi.

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NEWMATIC is Singapore's own brand of built-in kitchen appliances. Our home appliances are designed to be trendy, durable & energy saving. They are manufactured with processes that respect the environment. Visit our home appliances shops in Nairobi.

Established in 2015, Newmatic Appliance Ltd is the official distributor and service centre for Kenya.

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Do your part for the environment by rejecting appliances that are equipped with incandescent bulbs. They consume many times the energy of LEDs and have only a fraction of the lifespan. Incandescent bulbs are already banned in many countries around the world.